Friday, February 17

Boston Concert Recommendation

Two of my current favorite bands are playing together @ House of Blues in Boston on April 29.

If you like indie pop/rock dance jams, you should definitely go to this show.

Penguin Prison is opening.  I saw them in LA last month: they fucking OWNED the stage.  Their album is great: check it out on Spotify. I have a feeling they could get big.  Also, I ended up partying w' the drummer & keyboard player til 6am: cool dudes.

Miike Snow is headlining.  They are a bit more well-known, are releasing a new album this Spring, and I  am excited to see them at Coachella a few weeks before they head to the East Coast.  Their previous album is on Spotify.  If you still don't have Spotify, I don't think we can be friends anymore.

Rabbit by Miike Snow

So yea, that is my Spring concert recommendation for those of you residing in the Greater Boston Area.  You will dance your face off: I promise.

-DMc, West Coast Correspondent

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