Tuesday, February 21

Community Returns! March 15th at 8:00pm

While most of the world has sat by quietly, a small but enthusiastic army has been waging war to defend the honor of one of the most critically beloved, audience challenged comedies of all time.

And for now the battle has been won. Community will return to its 8 pm slot on Thursday nights March 15th, as tweeted by Dan Harmon, the creator and Joel McHale, one of the stars.

This is great, but for real, you should probably watch it, because who knows how much longer a show with so much brains but so little marketing push can survive. All the episodes are on Hulu right now, so catch up. And do yourself a favor, skip the first few episodes and go right to Modern Warfare. If that doesn't convince you, nothing will.

Or maybe this?

-av, Soldier in the Foot Army of NBC

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  1. yo it's only letting me watch 90 second clips, do i need to be a hulu plus member to take part in this excellence?