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Daniel E. Sickles

Daniel E. Sickles was acquitted of murder charges by reason of temporary insanity on February 19, 1859. The acquittal was the first time someone got off by reason of temporary insanity.

Daniel E. Sickles was a New York, Tammany Hall, politician and lawyer who rose through the political ranks until he was a United States congressman, this is all pre Civil War. While Daniel E. Sickles was being a Hot Shit politician he made a bunch of friends, hob nobbing with all the big names and having appointments to other countries. Then when Daniel E. Sickles is 33 his family decides that its time that he is married and they find a nice girl and make it happen. Problem is she is either 15 or 16, pre Civil War here, and they do not know or care for each other at all. Daniel E. Sickles is known for being a hard drinking man about town who is a tireless self promoter and he does not waste much time being faithful to his wife. Daniel E. Sickles has other appointments, one specifically to England where he brought a known Washington-area prostitute, her name was Fanny White, with him instead of his preggers at the time wife. Daniel E. Sickles may have presented Ms. White, Fanny to the Queen as his wife. Whilst Daniel E. Sickles was away on his appointments and infidelities his wife found other company.

Philip Barton Key was the son of Francis Scott Key, the Francis Scott Key. Philip was a district attorney and he was having an affair with the Mrs. Daniel E. Sickles. In early 1859 Daniel E.Sickles murdered Philip Barton Key in Lafayette Square, which is right across the street from the White House.

Daniel E. Sickles  turned himself in after the murder and was taken to the local jail. Whilst in jail Daniel E. Sickles received so many visitors that the main jailer set up Daniel E. Sickles Head Honcho Office so Daniel E. Sickles would have a suitable place to see his guests. President Buchanan did not come to visit, he did write a note though. Daniel E. Sickles had a few fellow Congressmen act as his defense, they came up with the temporary insanity defense, and it worked.

After the trial Daniel E. Sickles and the Mrs. reconciled. Daniel E. Sickles went on to join the Union Army at the outbreak of the Civil War. He spent the early part of his military career drumming up recruits and was successful enough to be promoted quickly rising through the ranks until he eventually was the only Union General who did not have a West Point education. At the Battle of Gettysburg Daniel E. Sickles directly disobeyed an order which he claimed won The Battle for the rest of his life. Gen. Daniel E. Sickles was ordered to take his troops over and onto a Hill and protect it, he decided to go over to it and not onto it staying at the bottom of The Hill.  Daniel E. Sickles lost the bottom of his leg to a cannon ball while protecting the bottom of the Hill during the The Battle and so as to not discourage his troops while being carried through the most deathly field ever he sat upright and smoked a cigar.

Historians still debate whether Daniel E. Sickles should have gone up The Hill or stay at the bottom.. In any event because Daniel E. Sickles was working with 1.5 legs They sent him home to Washington. This being 1863 news did not travel fast and when Daniel E. Sickles got home he went about spreading his version of The Battle. Where the Bottom of the Hill was obvs the place to protect and there was no reason to Court Marshall him or anything nothing like that. Daniel E. Sickles never fell out of favor with the Washington elite, lived until 1914.

Next time you stub your toe and rob a bank just remember Daniel E. Sickles and plead temporary insanity.

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