Sunday, February 5

It's Miley!

I know Miley! from E! News and magazines and the radio. And most recently from the vh1 top twenty video countdown. I like Miley! Most of her songs are good, Party in the USA anyone?, and her brother has the coolest knuckle tattoos ever. Her dad set the standard for what a good looking mullet looks like back in the day and is currently illustrating what a classic weirdo stage dad looks like. Miley!s new song is a Bob Dylan cover "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" and it is way better than the original. Miley! recorded the song as part of an Amnesty International fundraiser celebrating 50 years of Amnesty International with a CD of Bob Dylan covers.
Miley! kills it.

Also, to be fair this is the most current picture I could find of Billy Ray Cyrus.
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