Tuesday, August 2

Pinterest is my creative distraction

Recently I've become obsessed with Pinterest, a self-described “virtual pinboard” and hub for all things visually-inspiring. Rather than racking up a long list of bookmarks, I “pin” images to my Pinterest boards when I find something interesting online. Recipes, DIY projects, artwork, quotes, landscapes, fashion—anything worth remembering. You can "follow" other Pinners' boards so you can see what your friends find exciting. I'm LOVING following Alice, Jill, KatieCaff and Lucy.

When I get stuck in my writing at work I often browse Pinterest for the sake of creative distraction. It’s inspiring to be presented with an array of fresh visual ideas whenever I want. And like all things social, my Pinterest experience would be much better if you joined. The site is still in closed beta (let me know if you want an invite!), but the interface is beautifully done and I expect big things in their future.

-Senior Pinterest Correspondent


  1. I love pinterest and tried out the spoon jv's phone and it is also great.
    If anyone needs an invite let me know and I'll send one your way.
    It's way better than my old system of sending myself emails with links in them and less lame.


  2. Autocorrect turned "app" into "spoon"
    Whoops, in my defense, if interest had a spoon I would defs try it out.


  3. Invite me please! I like things that are visually stimulating! - Fisti