Saturday, August 27

In Time Justin Timberlake Will Take Over the World

Justin Timberlake is starring in a new movie In Time that takes place in the future where time takes the place of money as currency and no one ages past the age of 25 in looks. That means that the whole movie is filled with gorgeous people. Amanda Seyfried is in it as a red head. It looks pretty good. Justin tries out the action hero role and he might just be putting Tom Cruise out of a job.

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  1. SO...holy crap. Ok, so he's the Robin Hood of the future, giving away time instead of money? And time is more valuable than money? And Seyfried looks hot and I've never thought she was attractive?

    (that's the sound of my mind exploding)
    - fp

  2. I love this movie concept. I love the ladies in the cast. I love it when JT takes over the world.
    Life is good