Sunday, August 7

Pandora is the Smartest Person I Know

     A few years ago av and I were at her dad's house and he was real excited about this new website he had just just learned about. He asked us what kind of music we had been listening to lately, which was hard, we were really just locked into either the Once soundtrack or Back to Black. Then av's dad got back to making an enourmous omelet after which we went to a museum to see a Gerald Murphy art show. Gerald Murphy and his wife Sara were American Expatriates who lived on the French Riviera at the beginning of the 1900s, the Murphy's are credited with inventing sunbathing.
     It was a few years before I used Pandora again. This past Winter I dove in. And Pandora is the Smartest Person I Know. I love the new songs it bring to me, how I can thumbs down songs that I disagree with, Pandora knows to not play any Chris Brown FUCK CHRIS BROWN, and how Pandora reminds you of songs from an album you actually have over in iTunes, just maybe it is track 11 and you never really hear it.
   I had never heard of Gorilla Zoe before.  My 6 foot 7 foot station was acquainted with him and made the introductions . The song was "I got it" and instantly I was reminded that Pandora is the Smartest Person I know. "I got It" reminds me of "In the club" or any rap song about how the rapper has IT which are usually the best rap songs.

    Pandora knew that I would dig "Mystifies Me" by Son Volt. I really like Ryan Adams. I just let Pandora run wild when I made a Ryan Adams station. I didn't want to anchor it in "Halloweenhead" or "Easy Plateau" because I trusted Pandora to do me right, which they did, obvs, Pandora is the Smartest Person I Know.
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  1. I coulnt aagree more. PANDORA IS THE BEST. The Best. My career, home life, travel, EVERYDAY is changed because of it. Viva Pandora FOREVER. Changed my life honestly.