Wednesday, August 3

this is for the ladies

This song was just shown to me last night, and it is, quite frankly, badass, unbelievably sexy, and filled with so much independent-women pride and power that I may have to start every day listening to it, at least for a while.
Thank you Beyonce, for reminding me in only 4 minutes and 51 seconds, that girls run the world. If I ever start to forget it again, I'll just hit replay.

Now I wanna go dance.

also, teachers at my school are the best.

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  1. GOD DAMNIT YES!!!Beyonce is the only artist out there who can consistantly make good music video. (sorry Lady Gaga and B spears) Speaking of which I cited how Britney yells "STOP!" in the "Drive me Crazy" video to a bunch of 10 year olds when I was teaching hip hop the other day.No one knew what I was talking about. shameful. Anyways, I love Beyonce. I didn't even like this song before I saw the video and now i do. I love how they slowed down the beat in the very beginning.

    Also i liked when she had those giant meercats on the leashes that was badass.

    Thanks for sharing lab!