Monday, November 29

Color pictures from way back when.

We're kind of on a photgraph kick right now, but I can't keep these to myself. These are color photos from 1939-1943 capturing the effects of the Depression on small town America. They are some of the only color photos of that era and they are really striking. I think I've only ever seen sepia or black and white pictures from that time period and it's pretty breathtaking in color.

I'm having a hard time picking pictures because I love so many of them. I picked pictures with lots of people, because in color they are so much more intense than the typical black and white family shots.

A couple of homesteaders in New Mexico, 1940

Performers from the "girlie show" in at Vermont State Fair, 1941
Also, the pictures are from all over America. There are pictures from Massachusetts, Georgia, New Mexico and more, it's a real cross section: farmers, school children, working women, landscapes.  Towards the end you can see original war posters in the backgrounds of pictures.

See all the pictures here


  1. al, these are beautiful. i love the one of the two boys fishing, and of the prayer before the bbq supper. the color is really striking.