Saturday, November 6

Betinho et Kika

I'm singing with the University of Vienna chamber choir while I'm here, and every year they sing some carols and things to open the Christmas market in the courtyard of the old campus of the university. (the Christmas markets all open NEXT WEEK btw). This year, all of our carols are from Latin America, so I've been trying to find recordings and youtube videos because I can't pronounce any of this stuff and the songs go whicked fast.
In my search to find "Chorinho Natalinho" I found a bunch of other "Chorinho-s" played by this duo. I love how the lady filming introduces them and they jam on their ukuleles with straight, serious faces except for the occasional smile from Betinho, definitely the softy of the duo.

This one is my favorite.
but this one is also pretty sweet.
you can see Betinho's tat better in this one

the more videos of these guys I watch the more I want to jam with them. or just sway happily back and forth.



  1. damn they're great, i am loving this. the lady who intros them sounds so professional and they are chilling on a couch.