Tuesday, October 19

Bananas Need Protection Too

I don't think there is a more phallic every-day-edible than a banana. I bring bananas to work for lunch on a regular basis and it never fails to generate amusement with the co-workers. Yesterday my banana happened to be brown, which brought on a flood of sexual preference jokes. It probably doesn't help that I have a banana case. YES that's right. My friend gave me a plastic case in the shape of a banana. Amazingly enough, it actually fits most bananas! Of course when I go shopping for my bunches of bananas I know what size and curvature to look for to best fit the case. I had never heard of a banana case before, but it really is pure genius. I remember in college I would try taking bananas from the dining hall so I could eat it later in the day, but as soon as I threw it in my bag with books it would turn brown and nasty and get squished to the point that Jill would wanna VOM. Enter: The Banana Case. Now I have no problem with throwing my banana around (heh heh heh) because the hard shell protects it. I decided to google search the banana case to see what kind of options were out there and I stumbled across the banana bunker, which straight up looks like a condom. SERIOUSLY.... that is a hard plastic condom. But it works like a charm. It is flexible yet durable to change in lengh and curvature all while maintaining the health of the banana. Watch the how to and durability videos to see what I mean.