Wednesday, December 8

This just in.

In response to AV's post, I wanted to console her by letting her know the MPAA just overturned it's initial NC-17 rating for Blue Valentine, not really citing why. There was a huge outpouring from critics who saw this as an issue larger then just this film, with Ryan Gosling citing their decision as "misogynistic."  The director Derek Cianfrance said:

“To me, that’s censorship. And I respect what the actors are doing in this movie too much to change that. It’s as if to say, ‘Ryan, Michelle, you’re good in this movie, but you’re a little too good. It was never our intention to make a movie that would offend people. It was a moviethat would try to respect people. What you’re left with at end of this movie is emotions. Ultimately, I take it as a compliment that the feeling gave this movie an NC-17.”

Bam. They fought the law and the law realized it was stupid and should just let people watch movies.


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