Thursday, December 2

A Liddle Riddle

What is this?

Making music though not that good.
Add an "ey" to describe, I would.

Ask for Pop to help you here.
Everyone smells when it is near.

It's a dirty job, to power machines.
But ask the earth, for him it cleans.

Some say our country started this.
And gave it to the European, Chris.

When he sailed back, the ocean blue.
He once ate, and didn’t chew.
And what you ask? What did it do?
Well my friends it appeared, in his poo.



  1. i love that riddle. did you write it? ballin!

  2. Thanks Alice! I was feeling a little guilty following Johnny's post about meeting famous people and cool pictures with a post about corn and poo.

  3. n o way thats an awesome riddle its like you are extra famous -jv