Tuesday, December 27

How I Saved Christmas

How I Saved Christmas, a totally true tale

This Christmas AM, we woke with the dog
licking our feet for a quick morning jog.
MP and I exchanged presents with glee,
Winner: Dawson's Creek, Complete Series on DVD.

We packed up the car with goodies and presents,
And headed to Montville for the day's events.
With five minutes left on our journey, we crossed
a state road intersection, and saw it - lost.

A wandering dog in the middle of the street,
(If he's stray, we can't fit him in the backseat!)
We got out of the car, on the side of the road,
And over to us, he gingerly strode.

It was obvi he had run through the nearby river,
He was soaking wet and his whole body shivered.
I pet him a bit, then looked at his collar.
"Thank God," I thought. "What's the number?" Mike hollered.

The owner was on his way over right now,
so I went in the car and got him some chow.
Within ten minutes, a red truck pulled up
with three small children, pining for the pup.

A Dad got out and told us he had run
away Christmas Eve (they'd all cried a ton).
He thanked us for calling, and then drove away,
the dog and the kids in the back all the way.

We continued our Christmas and had a good night,
Grateful that dog ended up alright.
The moral of the story? In case you missed this:
Help out stray dogs - especially on Christmas.

 - fp

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  1. I cried a little reading that. You saved Christmas!

  2. Best Christmas Story Ever

  3. Oh my!!! Fisti, you're a hero!


  4. For real though, that dog definitely caught a beating from the Dad that night for running away. - fp