Tuesday, December 13


So, I'm sure we're all familiar to the genius that is Pandora.
I present to you: Pandora's hot cousin.

Differences: Its Pandora but you can PICK the songs in your playlists, including music you don't own. So, basically its a shit ton of free music that you can create playlists for. And as long as you have an internet connection, you can access your playlists anywhere. I do this often for work.

Unfortunately, you cannot download the music for free. So, making CDs or playing it in your car is impossible. But, at your desk, at home - its all free.

EVERY Madonna album ever made? Make it a playlist.
Soundtracks from all 3 Twilight movies? Playlist.
ANY song that contains the word "Circus"? PLAYLIST!

Endless possibilities.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays,

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