Thursday, December 15

The Notebook Musical - This is Happening

omg guys, Nicholas Sparks, author of the Notebook and million other books designed to drag tears out of you, was on The Early Show yesterday and suddenly in the middle of talking about his latest soon to be in grocery stores everywhere paperback, the host just said "So 'The Notebook' is going to Broadway" and he just said "Yes" like this isn't news.

Well Mr. Sparks, this IS news. Not only is the book-turned movie being adapted for the stage, it's being adapted as a musical! So in the not too distant future, rain will pour on a bearded RyGos wannabe while he sing-fight-kisses the next Lea Michele in front of a packed house of Midwestern tourists. I don't know if I'm horrified or hypnotized by that idea.

In conclusion, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are the reigning champions of the MTV Movie Awards Best Kissed Acceptance, so suck it Twi-hards.

ps. UPDATE: It turns out this musical was presented as a work-in-progress two years ago, and the music will be war-time era american standard and swing, bluegrass, and gospel. Also, one of the composers is the girl One Tree Hill who always sings. Leaning more towards horror. but still pretty hypnotized. Here's the official website: The Notebook Musical

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  1. definitely a high potential for horror but.. im still intrigued.

    and OMG thanks for sharing that movie awards clip. i had never seen it before and it made my day. i love them. wish they were still dating.

    good call though.. their kiss is epic and blows awkward twilight acceptances outta the water!

  2. that was me by the way. -id