Saturday, December 17

Home Made Hot Pockets

I love Meatball & Mozzerella and Ham & Cheese Hot Pockets. I remember back in the day KV bought a big box of the Meatball & Mozzerella that he was planning on stretching out and having for breakfast for the next long period of time, this was a BJ's size box, and I took advantage of there being something quick and delicious in my moms kitchen for the first time ever and promptly ate them all in a glorious fatty fat kid weekend. THEN I had a Hot Pocket fresh out the Toaster Oven and it was like "Hello World, nice to meet you" crispy flaky outside and all Hot and Ham & Cheesy inside. Ideally when trying to speed cook a Hot Pocket while still having it taste as delicious as possible, obviously, you want to microwave the Hot Pocket for about a minute and then take it to the Toaster Oven and toast it on the more than medium brown setting. It'll be life affirming. OR you can made your own Home Made Hot Pockets using this recipe.

1 Package of Croissants
8 Slices of Ham
8 Slices of American Cheese

-Preheat your oven to 350
-Open the Croissants
-Separate the Croissants
-Roll each of the Croissants with 1 piece of Ham and 1 piece of American Cheese
-Allow oven to come to temperature
-Place Rolled Croissants into an ungreased baking pan
-Bake for 18 minutes
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  1. btw, these were a HIT at Bergin family Christmas dinner.