Tuesday, December 6

The Beatles Saturday Morning Cartoon

From 1965 to 1969 The Beatles had a Saturday Morning Cartoon. The episodes are about five and a half minutes long and have The Beatles trying to practice a song and being held up. The Show is famous a little extra bit because it was the first animated weekly show to depict living characters. Schweet. The Beatles did not provide the voices for The Show and the imitations are not spot on. The episode for "A Hard Days Night" has John, Paul, George, and Ringo trek to a Haunted Castle to  practice. Wacky Haunted Castle things ensue. Like a Skull Drum. And a Ghost Sheet.

When The Show came out each Beatle got animated for his own poster.

My favorite Beatles song is "Eight Days a Week". The episode for "Eight Days a Week" is great. Paul gets romantically involved with a Movie Producer/Gangster's Girl.

Also, did you know "Sweet Caroline" is about Caroline Kennedy? It is.
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  1. love the cartoon characatures. didn't know sweet caroline was about the kennedy! crazy. thanks for bringing me the wikiknowledge, jv.