Tuesday, January 17

This is how I am chosing my next book.

 Its one of those decision making trees. It speaks to me especially because I have either read or want to read many of the book on here. I'm sure you nerds will be into it too.

Side note: I always wanted to open a bar that had a decision tree for choosing cocktails. Anyone want to invest?

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  1. I'd invest in that bar. I think flow charts for errything, apps, deserts, drinks, food, maybe even where you sit at the table

  2. This chart is amazing. I want to read every book.

    I also like flowcharts and restaurant ideas.

  3. this is seriously fantastic, every route ends in a gem. brilliant.

  4. 1. I also am a fan of organization and bars that help choose a drink for you.
    2. This map is now printed and hanging in our study room.
    3. This just reminded me that I need to re-read The Mists of Avalon as an adult.
    - fp