Wednesday, January 18

The Future is NOW!!!

So this guy John Elfreth Watkins Jr is an American Civil Engineer who had some lofty predictions for what he thought the world would be like in 2011 from 1900.  As his wiki page is summarized in the google search bar, "John Elfreth Watkins (1852–1903) was a civil engineer working for American railroads of ... Massa, William R., Jr., Smithsonian Institution (2004) Finding Aids to ..." (Down with SOPA) 

Its a long article, so Ill tell you which ones to pick out.

Top 5 that actually came true:

The American being taller

Height 5'7" - 1900
Height 5'9" - 2011

There will be No C,X, or Q

He pretty much called AIM and Text talk 100 years before it happened

Photos will be Telegraphed/Telephones around the world

The internet.

There will be Air ships 

He predicts that they wont compete with other modes of transport ( AA and AE are bankrupt)

Vegetables will be grown with electricity

Among other things

Top 4 that were way off

No Mosquitos nor Flies

Lofty thinking.

Automobiles Cheaper than horses

Cheap horse is still $5000

Everybody will walk 10 miles

Im worried about how completely opposite this prediction turned out

How Children will be Taught

Don't cry

All this talk about predictions makes me think we should have something like a dead pool.  Lets put it in writing, my guess is Hefner 

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