Sunday, January 29

8th Graders Make Me Hella Nervous

Long story short: My job depends on 8th graders signing up to take my class in the high school. I'm presenting a video to them Monday about how amazing my class is to take. I'll be honest, if I was in 8th grade, I'd take Italian not only b/c I love it but because I was great at languages and my class is really easy.

Biggest fear: Someone shouts out, "This is GAY!" and the whole thing is over.

Thoughts & opinions welcomed. I'm unsure about the music choice. I wanted it to be Italian (if we used an English song, no one could agree on the perfect song....[It was Janelle Monae - Tightrope, obvi]) Whole thing is about 5 minutes.

I have to remove this by 3PM today b/c the kids are all minors.

Much love to all & grazie, fisti

p.s. Be on the lookout for one of my fave students doing an AMAZING Sammy Sweetheart impress.

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  1. Love the video. I think music fine, it's obvs italian and otherwise a good mood setter.

    My only recommendation would be to add subtitles for the scenes in italian, because it was obvious something fun was happening, but if i knew everything you were saying it'd be more clear.

    Great Sammy impersonation. Especially given that they are 8 girls in that class that look like Sammy-in-training.


  2. Noted. Good idea, actually. Your input is highly valued. - fp