Friday, November 11

Ned Kelly's Last Wish

 Ned Kelly is the Australian Jesse James. Ned Kelly was born in June of either 1854 or 1855. He definitely died November 11, 1880. Ned Kelly was hung at the Old Melbourne Gaol, gaol being Australian for jail, and his last wish was to be buried in his family graveyard. To this the Aussies running The Gaol said things to the effect of "No" "No way mate" and "Not on my Barbie" and proceeded to throw Ned Kelly's body in a mass grave they had going at The Gaol.  Last year Ned Kelly's body was identified and just this last week Anthony Griffiths, Ned Kelly's Grand-Nephew, was granted permission to exhume and rebury Ned Kelly. Sometimes you need 131 years to make a wish come true.

Also, Ned Kelly has the best hair in history.

Happy Ned Kelly Day

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