Sunday, November 27

SyFy Miniseries Peter Pan

Here are some facts:
1. Peter Pan is awesome
2. Mini-series are sweet.
3. SyFy is a pretty cool channel.

Taking those three facts together, the SyFy mini-series event "Neverland" (a Peter Pan origin story), is going to be awesome, sweet and pretty cool.

Here's the preview, watch it and then mark your calendars (or set your DVRs) for December 4th and 5th at 9 EST.

Also, SyFy is streaming all episodes of previous and awesome miniseries "Tin Man" and "Alice" on their site. 


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  1. your copy of tin man is currently on the shelf at the house in westford from when i borrowed it from you and loved it...i think 2 years ago.

    my b.