Tuesday, November 22

JFK Death Day

I know very little about JFK and have done no additional research

Today is probably the 48th anniversary of what definitely is the day that John Fitzgerald Kennedy who was probably our 33rd President was shot in Dallas. Jackie O was definitely in the car which was a convertible. Either her dress was pink and the car was 50s blue or versa vice. Harvey Lee Oswald probably didnt act alone in the shooting of JFK.

Other than the shooting: JFK was sickly in some way. JFK was a babe magnet who didnt wear a hat to his innaugeration. The K family made their money in the depression by either selling oil or coal. JFK had an older brother who was being groomed to do all the stuff JFK did then the brother died in WW2. JFK asked what we could do for the country. JFK is on the Half Dollar Coin.

 Very Amateur Historian

Any additional information can be found on JFK's Wikipedia Page
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