Thursday, November 17

Kim Jong Il Looking at Paula Deen Riding Things

 Have you guys checked out the Kim Jong Il Looking at Things blog or the Paula Deen Riding Things blog? Well, my friend Darcy combined the elements to create a fantastic specimen of a blog entitled Kim Jong Il Looking at Paula Deen Riding Things, and I like it.

Kim Jong Il watching Paula Deen ride donuts into a fryer
 I thought I would like to share it with all of you, especially since it has been a while since I've surfaced on Edzachery. Blame the #Wellesleyblues.

(sidenote: I just realized how amazing that hashtag is, as Wellesley's mascot is the color blue. Is it lame how excited I am by the revolutionary discovery of such an amazing hashtag to use for the last five months of my Wellesley life?)

Darcy is also an expert in all things cute, including my little pony renditions of Stephen Sondheim songs including a parody of "Putting it Together" from Sunday in the Park with George and my personal favorite "At the Gala" which is in fact a take on "Ever After", from Into the Woods.

She just introduced me to which is almost too much for me to handle.

Just felt like giving y'all a glimpse into some of the classy ways in which we Wellesley ladies spent our late nights finishing those essays.


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  1. The Wellesley mascot is the color blue?