Monday, November 28

How I Feel About Kid Rock

I like Kid Rock. You like Kid Rock. Because everyone likes Kid Rock. Because of the song "Picture". Everyone likes the song "Picture" by Kid Rock featuring Sheryl Crow. If you do not like the song "Picture" it is because you have not heard the song "Picture" by Kid Rock featuring Sheryl Crow. And if thats the case watch the video right down there. Otherwise I like his version of Feel Like Makin' Love better. "All Summer Long" is maybe the most listen-to-able song ever. "Born Free" is a good song. On the first episode of The Sheild when Vic shoots that guy and "Bawitdaba" is playing it was definately the most intense television I had seen at that point. Because of Kid Rock. I like Kid Rock. And so do you, probably, if not watch this video of "Picture" by Kid Rock featuring Sheryl Crow.

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  1. Yep, I don't really like Kid Rock, but I do love Picture.

  2. ditto what alice said. this song is da bomb. i had never seen the video before. kid rock isn't the best looking guy in the world.. but when he was dating pam anderson they reportedly cruised into provincetown on their yacht for a few days. he has good taste in vacation spots. not so much in hats.