Tuesday, September 18


See, Plus1Press? It took one or two posts over the summer and now we're rollin'!

Songza is Pandora's older hippie brother who moved out early and left him some memories and an old Allman Brothers LP.

I'll say right off the bat, the app is better than the website. BUT, if you don't have a certain person or genre to listen to, you just are like, "Ugh, its a rainy Monday. I just want rainy Monday music." then Songza's perfect.

Check it out. It comes in handy when I'm teaching a class and I can't really decide what we should listen to. I  find the mood of that class and BOOM, we're all jammin.


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  1. I Got The App. It's A New Radia Frequency Past AmFm With Great Stations. Awesome FP Thanks.