Monday, September 17

Best Rapper Alive

Kanye West Is The Best Rapper Alive.
As Proof I Offer These Three Songs.

Family Business

I Love this song because anytime I am talking about music at work and any old person casually rights off all of rap music wholesale as all blah blah blah any bland argument you can make I know that they are dead wrong. This song is a lovely ode to Family. Getting Together, Standing Together, All These Things. And Kanye Goes Hard while being incredibly tender.


I used to ride my bike up the Sylvan hill towards the Red House to this song. The Beat MMMmmm. Kanye Sounds Great. The Chorus is So Good. And Completely Understandable. That is really important to me. I appreciate crisp annunciation. Im about that. And those BaDaDaDaDDas! Excellent.

Hey Mama

I danced with My Mom at My Wedding to Hey Mama because the first time I heard It I had to pull over my bike because I had got cray teary eyed I let the song finish and then I called My Mom. Nothing makes me love My Mom more than listening to this song. This Song Is Perfect. And the rhyming is perfect and so natural and flawless everything works together. Theres a verse of You Are So Beautiful To Me. And To ride out the song Kanye sings "Mama" a million times and I Love It.

I Rest My Case.
Kanye Is The Best Rapper Alive.

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  1. Kanye is great at making beats, but not at lyrics. So, as such, he is not the best Rapper of all time but probably the best producer of all time.

    - sf