Wednesday, September 26

Morgan and Destiny's Eleventeeth Date - The Zeppelin Zoo

Joseph Gordon Levitt is having a good year. He is *SPOILER*. He is Young Bruce Willis. He is Daniel Day-Lewis-as-Lincoln's son. Basically JGL is killing it. Everyone wants him to be their protege/past self/son.

He also runs this artist collaborative project that works together to create books, music, and short films.

The short film I'm writing about today is an explosion of twee charm and adorableness, so you may not like it. But that might make you an asshole, so be careful with that. I like it because hundreds of artists drawings were layered to create this amazing world. Also, I think the narration is hilarious, with all the made up but real sounding fake words. It's so creative linguistically and so visually appealing, I think the overall effect is irresistible. It's a couple years old, but I just saw it recently.


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  1. I Got A Big Smile On My Face Front After That

  2. Hitrecord's a pretty cool website. I was into it for a while last summer, submitting random poetry and things. I love the tiny stories collections and of course the short film!