Sunday, June 3


Double edition.

Summer is upon us!  I know some of you have probably heard "Anna Sun" on the radio by now, and I expect a big push leading up to Walk the Moon's major label LP release on June 19 (the day after some of you see them in Boston).

Here's another band who's EP is very promising and name is fucking awesome: Imagine Dragons.

I've heard the lead single "It's Time" getting some airplay recently, although I actually prefer a remixed version by Penguin Prison, an awesome electro-pop band that I told Rob & Mel to see back in April. You can download that remix HERE. Also, you should definitely check out Penguin Prison's album from last year, because it's fantastically fun.

Another new band that's definitely getting radio play is Of Monsters and Men:

They're like, from Iceland, which is cool.  Also, I love a band that has both male & female lead vocals.

So listen for those two #SummerJams as you hit the beach!

-DMc, West Coast Correspondent

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  1. I wanna listen to that of Monsters and Men song on repeat allday "hey!" loved it