Saturday, May 19

On The Spot: Kobe

Celebrities  are always being interviewed. And asked a million questions and always being recorded. Its understandable that sometimes you might say something because it seems like the right thing to do at the time and its easy and it'll be funnyish. And then when you hear an interview of even a snippet or a soundbite and it dings in that deep forgotten part of your brain with all that stuff you know to be true and how to google it specifically so you can see it again. Anyhows, Kobe You're On The Spot.

Kobe was asked what he thought of Russell Westbrook's Style.

" its a generational thing. weird glasses, skinny jeans. I'm glad I wasn't growing up in this generation." -Kobe

When I heard that this is what ding'd in my brain.

All I had to do was Google "Kobe Pilgrim"

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  1. hahahahahaha


  2. Ain't like Kobe wears that shit for anything other than a dumb photo shoot...westbrook looks/dresses like a fucking retard all the time.