Friday, May 4

Ladies Room: Red Lips

This one is just for the ladies. Okay boys, you can read toobut we're talking about secrets of feminine beauty here. Proceed carefully.

Red lips are back in a big way, and I've always been... uneasy about trying it myself. I'm more of a lip balm kinda person, and lipstick has always intimidated me.

But my love for Joanie and Mad Men-style beauty pushed me over the edge. And I'm happy to report that there's a perfect solution out there for ladies like me.

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm (in the color Flame) is amazing. One side's a stain marker, so you can draw on exactly as much (or as little) color as you like, in the perfect shape. The other side is a balm that seals it in. It lasts forever. It's red but not too red. It's insanely flattering for all different complexions. (When I was home last Christmas and hanging with my high school BFFs, they all tried it out and it looked good on everyone.)

In other words, I'm obsessed. And I wanted to pass on the good word.

Senior Lip Color Consultant

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