Thursday, June 23

Maria Aragon: YouTube sensation for actually being good.

There's a little girl at the end of an HTC commercial who sings two lines of a song that gets stuck in my head every time. I tried finding the song and found the original, which is "Wavin' Flag" by K'naan, and not really what I wanted. Eventually I found the video i was looking for, Maria Aragon.

I guess I'm a little tardy for this party. In February, her cover of Born This Way, went viral. Within a month, she was joining Lady Gaga on stage to duet on the song. Mother Monster is a little choked up about it too, she's so nice.

Anywho, here's the original video I looked for. The last three minutes is her talking, so don't watch it, but she's pretty good for a ten year old, and her version of the song is way sweeter than K'naan's in my humble opinion.

In other internet sensation news, Katy Perry's video for Last Friday Night is terrific and features too many cameos to even talk about, except I will say Hanson makes an appearance as the house band, which makes it a pretty sweet party.


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