Monday, June 13

The Book of Mormon: Do you believe now?

This is not exactly news, I admit that. But the day after being awarded 7 Tonys, for the music, book, design, direction, acting and overall awesomeness of this show, seems as good a time as any to start taking this show seriously.

I'll admit, I've seen less than a handful of South Park episodes. It was on way too late at night when it started, so by the time I could have watched it, I'd missed so much I just never got started. But I was intrigued to find out that South Park creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker had written musical. Then a musical called "the Book of Mormon" and I was pretty much sold on the spot.

Mormons are almost as crazy to me as scientologists, but much more forthcoming with all the wacky beliefs, which makes them infinitely more interesting to me. So I've supported this musical at a concept level but have not actually taken action to see how it all turn out, other than skimming reviews.

Last night the Broadway community made it official, Book of Mormon is a great concept and a great show. Here's a performance by Tony nominated newcomer Andrew Rannells, that showcases the Mormon craziness and just plain great musicality of those South Park guys.

That song is awesome. So let's take action: listen to the soundtrack (1.99 for the whole thing!), read the synopsis, maybe even go see it (yeah right, not after the Tonys shoot the prices up), but let's become true believers in the Book of Mormon, the musical.
For a full write up of the Tony Awards, check this out.

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  1. That song rocks! I think it's only like nine hundred dollars to get a single ticket in NYC so NBD! Congrats to Trey Parker and Matt Stone for validating our generation for watching South Park all these years cuz we KNEW it was awesome.

  2. Really great song, and I bet the whole thing is great, but I was a little uncomfortable with how much he was licking his lips. Thankfully there's no way I could ever afford a seat that would bring me close enough to see it.


  3. I've heard only the best things from people I totally would not expect to like that. That says a truck load.

    And on a personal note. Sunday night Frances McDormand won the best actress for a play Tony, and at 10 the next morning, I got to high five her about it.
    She is the coolest woman ever


  4. 1) I saw Book of Mormon earlier this month and it was awesome. "Fuck" and "clitoris" make up about 60% of the dialogue and lyrics (which grew a little old), but the show is great in its exposure of the ironies not only of Mormonism but religion in general. It does this in a hilarious and somehow endearing way the end I found myself wanting to be a Mormon along with the main characters.
    2) The Normal Heart won the Tony for best revival of a play and I highly recommend ready to cry though.