Sunday, June 26

Arnie's Hometown

When I left for my year abroad in Austria back in September, Johnny V. asked me to visit Arnold Schwarzenegger's hometown and take pictures for him. It got cold real fast back in the fall, so I decided to wait until the spring to have nice weather and enjoy the countryside more. I drove out Friday with two friends and it was awesome. There was Arnie love all over the little town, it was too cute. Now don't get me wrong, the national opinion of Arnie has really shifted since he became a proponent of the Death Penalty some years ago (even changing the name of a Stadium in Graz that had formerly been named in his honor...). The recent tabloid coverage of his personal life also makes the people here just groan and exclaim that they "don't want him baaaaack". But, his hometown was sweet and proud in a very simple way, which I think is the right way to be, since let's get serious here, we may all laugh about Arnie now, but he's still the man. and the terminator.

I put a bit of footage we shot of our visit into a video (rough cut) to show Johnny a preview of the awesome place our favorite Austrian body builder/actor/governor came from. There's about...13 more minutes of footage to enjoy once I get home!

 p.s. Johnny, I took a lot of photos too

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