Tuesday, August 24


I hope everyone knows about this website. A man basically gets millions of anonymous postcards of people's secrets from around the world and posts them. Sometimes they're hilarious. Other times they are shockingly, mind-numbingly sad. Always they're interesting and usually quite artful.

My HS Gay/Straight Alliance started a PostSecret in our school. Each classroom has a mailbox in it where someone can drop an anonymous secret and they post them twice a year in the arts center. Its BEAUTIFUL

 - fp


  1. that seems awesome. going up stairs on all fours is the way to go. whats the url for the website?

    who is FP?

  2. fp must be fisti... i didnt think fisti was your real name...

  3. i updated the post and inserted a link (because im at work and im bored). it's www.postsecret.com thanks for posting this fisti, this website is awesome.