Tuesday, August 24

Instant Replay in Baseball

So here's what I think:

At this point we need instant replay in baseball because quite honestly viewers at home could be doing a better job than the actual umps.

-Have a fifth umpire that sits up in the booth
-When a review comes in, no need to stop play and huddle around a TV then talk about it, just have the fifth ump make the call and move on, I think the entire process wouldn't need to take more than 15 seconds
-Reviewable plays: Home runs, tags on all bases, catches in the outfield, and tagging up (though I don't think it would come up often)
-I don't think balls and strikes should be reviewable.



  1. 1 out. Runner on first. Line drive to the 1B, he catches it on the fly and steps on 1st base, double play, inning over. Upon review the ball short-hopped. If called on the field, maybe he turns 2 anyways. What happens?