Thursday, August 26

The girl with the (Gigantic) Dragon Tattoo

watched the Swedish version of Girl with the dragon tattoo last night. It was pretty sweet!
I thought that Mickael was not good looking enough at first but than I came around to it, just got that cystic acne face.
I thought that salander was a good fit. She was kinda hot. She could have been teeny-er but she was alright. Plus she was totally ripped like Jesus. nice pecs too  The actual dragon tattoo was a little much for me, just really not the way I expected it. Cool tattoo tho.
Than the millennium lady was waaay to busted for me to deal with, I mean they can defs find more attractive people than that in Sweden. I mean I kinda got the whole " she was hot fifteen years ago thing" but I could have gone for a little more hot right now, just to keep me interested...
Plus the random shout out to, the girl who played with fire.  Inappropriate at best. Like spoilers for the second movie In the first? Whaaat? If they had shown her torching her paps in the beginning of the second movie it would have been too soon but to show it halfway through the first? I mean did they run out stuff to put into this 2.5 hour long movie?
AND the movie in general was not like any European movies ive seen. It was super western influenced. I guess thats probly because it was sort of a big deal over their and they tossed a ton of money into it somehow all expensive movies look the same, even in Sweden.


  1. i agree about them showing lisbeth setting her dad on fire. wtf? big spoiler. other than that, LOVED it. the actress who played lisbeth was AWESOME.

    dont worry, the hollywood version will have a sexier cast. current james bond/daniel craig is gonna be mikael, and this chick rooney mara (?) is gonna be lisbeth.
    erika berger will get a hot upgrade: she'll be played by robin wright, aka the princess from princess bride. i know you like that.

  2. I agree with exactly everything you said