Thursday, February 21

Animal Update

Hi ho, here, it's Fisti with your Animal Update for the beginning of 2013.

Every single weekday, without fail, my husband will spend at least a half an hour of his workday searching through NBC's, Yahoo's, and NatGeo's Animal Photos of the Day or Week. He will then, without fail, compile these images into a special e-mail for me that usually gets to me by 2PM that day of all of my favorite critters.

Its great. Its like, "Hey, did some kid spit on you? Here, look at this otter playing basketball." Seriously everybody look at this otter:

Also, I'm exploring tumblr right now (I know I'm late to the party but I brought chips so...) and I found Birds with Arms. Some of them ain't so great, but some of them are funny as shit.


Lastly, in an attempt to go to obscure and crazy-fun stuff like the Iowa State Fair, MP and I are working on attending the Tri-State Basset Hound BoardWaddle. Its a convention of basset hound owners who get together, day drink, and make their dogs do stupid shit. But then, they're bassets so the dogs AND the owners get lazy as hell. Full report.

That's all the animal news for now, my fine feathered friends.

Wannabe ASPCA Member,

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  1. Birds With Arms LOL

    And The I Brought Chips Line