Thursday, June 13

Mad Mad Mad Mad Men

Thank Netflix for Netflix. I mean, how else would I be able to catapult myself into Mad Men being 5 Seasons behind. 5 Seasons, y'all! And now I'm caught up. And so's MikePirog. And we're loving it.

Coming from NJ and having HBO, we are both long time fans of The Sopranos and recently watched the entire series over again and I swear on all that is good and holy, if Mad Men ends in the same way I will hurl my dog at the TV. Suffice it to say though, I've learned to become a VERY careful watcher of TV shows by Matt Weiner because this dude LOVES DETAILS. The significance of Tony Soprano eating oranges is not lost on me. (Its partly a shout out to the Godfather, which was shouting out the troubled Medici family of Renaissance Florence)

Enough of this. There's a shit ton of Mad Men theories flying around right now.
Such as, Megan is already dead, Megan is GOING to die, the COUNTLESS Bob Benson options,

So here's my 2 cents:

1. I'm NOT giving up on the Dante connection. We open the season with Don on a beach (paradise) reading about Hell (Dante).

But, Dante is going through Hell to come out on the other side and find his Beloved Beatrice. Don loves no one, really. And belongs in almost every level of Hell except murderers, maybe? If Don's going to die (or get to heaven) he's got to endure a crapton, or have a Virgil by his side to guide him?

2. Pete's going to die.
What does Pete have left? His mom who hates him (Because he really is a twerp, I mean...)? His wife who keeps his daughter away from his philandering? His shitty brother? He's got Peggy. And Peggy knows she deserves better.

There's that old quote from Chekhov, "If there'a a gun on the wall in the first act, it's GOT to go off in the second act.".....

Campbell loves that rifle. Because he bought it in defiance of Trudy to show that he's a man and he can buy whatever he wants because he's a man. And Bob Benson's leg nudge was totally about manhood, right? Maybe Pete's manhood is called into question or threatened....Either way, that things going off.

3. I want Peggy and Stan to be BFFs forever. Like....forever. I want them in character, hosting the Golden Globes next year.

There's even a tumblr for it. Also, I wish I was close enough to a dude that we could have a code phrase meaning, "somebody's in my bed right now."
Also, sidenote - is Jay R. Ferguson Ron Swanson's little brother?

Sorry, I got lost in Stan Rizzo's blue blue eyes, I gotta go.

Enjoy y'all, happy watching.


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