Thursday, December 13

Snapchat: A Parent's Worst Nightmare

Hi y'all.

Introducing Snapchat, this adorable little app that lets you take pictures and send them to your friends who can view them for only a few seconds and then the pictures vanish. POOF!

Now, as an adult, I understand that "vanish"ing on the Interwebs is a relative term. That shits stored somewhere, right? We all know it is. But I teach and mold the minds of youths. Who have no fucking clue where the internet came from and how to use it for anything besides sex and illegal music.

Snapchat has become my personal hell. And if I was the proud owner of a Sex Trophy (aka, my own child) I would toss their phone out the window at this point. Basically all of my students either use Snapchat to take pictures of goofy faces they make and send them to friends. But more likely than not, they take pictures of theirs or others junk and send it and then the pictures "vanish." Its become a competition to see who can snap a photo of balls quicker and send it to their friends - who get the picture, open it for 1-6 seconds, shout "GROSS! What was that!?", and then put their phone away. DURING CLASS. IN THE HALLWAY. AT HOME. WHILE DRIVING.

Truly, its become the new come-on for girls to send dudes pictures of their tits under their shirts during class.
Attention all Dudes: When/If you have a daughter, remember to tell her that she's incredible and pretty and that you love her very much so we don't end up with shit like that photo above.

In other news, there's CinemaGram, an app that lets you animate photos is wicked cool ways. I actually love this one.

Good luck out there,

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