Tuesday, August 7

Mean Tweets

I'll admit it, I love twitter.

I never thought I would get one, or love it. The only reason I got one was to keep up with Al and JV while I was abroad. I quickly realized that I could stay in touch with them a lot better via twitter versus any other form of communication. My long e-mails filled with interrogatives were impractical once I followed their frequent postings of 140 characters or less.

Suddenly, I felt more in the loop not just with the activities of my friends' personal lives, but also with the world. I began following the BBC, various actors and actresses, and twitter accounts from my college as well. It is exciting to be a part of the movement toward faster and more effective dissemination of international news and information.

But the best part about twitter, for me, is the entertainment factor. Let's face it, this shit is freaking hilarious.

Thank you Jimmy Kimmel, for the brilliant idea in the following two youtube videos, where celebrities read mean tweets about themselves, aloud.

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:

This is almost as good as the time Kanye went nutso or Bon Iver won the Grammy and everyone was tweeting "WTF who is Bonibear???". Almost.


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