Thursday, April 19

Long Time Sun Shine

I recently heard this Weezer song, and I really liked it, so I did a little research, cause that's how I roll.

Rivers Cuomo wrote "Longtime Sunshine" in 1994, though it wasn't released until 2007.  Of his inspiration Cuomo said, "I started longing for the safety, peace, quiet, simplicity and family structure of my New England childhood. I thought back to one of my favorite memories, lying in the bottom bunk, my brother in the top, in our bedroom in our farmhouse in Eastford, Connecticut, in the hot, hot, summer, 7, 8 p.m., sun still up, but having to go to sleep because it's our bedtime, one of those big box fans blowing, and my parents, Ma and Steve, sitting at our bedside, singing an old hippie song to us, to calm us down and ease us into sleep, "May the Longtime Sun Shine Upon You." 

YouTube won't let me embed the Weezer track so click here to listen, or if you roll with Spotify, here.

Also the old hippie song, "May the Longtime Sun Shine Upon You" is pretty sweet too, as a folky lullaby. It's actually an old Irish blessing that's become a mantra of sorts, set to many different melodies. This one is my favorite:

Longtime fan of Sunshine
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