Friday, September 3

Third Olsen Sister?

Apparently the Olsen twins have a few siblings, including a younger sister who looks like them only not as short and cracked out, who is about to be in a movie. This is the whole olsen family, she's the girl next to the twins.

Here's the article about it. In the article there's a picture of her that really shows the resemblance and it's freaking me out. Click here



  1. ah, this picture is from MK's bulimia days. damn she looks scary! elizabeth looks like a healthy, pretty, normal version.

    must be super weird to be a non MK&ASHLEY olsen. identity crisis! but with millions of dollars at your disposal. and a MK&A fashion line (elizabeth and james) named after you.

  2. I think MK just always looks like that....! I HEARD that Ashley and Justin Timberlake are hooking up....sick!

    Also, Elizabeth Olsen was totally known as Lizzie in the Mk&A detective series when they were little. Who remembers that???!