Monday, October 1

Busdriver is the best RAPPER alive

I wanted to throw my two cents in.  Busdriver is the man.  His rhymes flow like lava through the earths crust, picking up small creatures and high-temperature bacteria in its wake, then forming entire new worlds for you to live in when it dries.

Here's one of his more favorite songs, where he raps with his producer, who the fasted hip hop flutiest living.

This is also a video of him free styling in the car.  This sh*t is real and that mustache don't lie.

His lyrics are intelligent, witty and absolutely ridiculous.  He dont mess around talking about shooting people in the face or doing drugs unless he's being facetious.   He spits so fast and so articulately that you forget that your hairs on fire because your too busy thinking about the deep thoughts he has implanted in your future memories.

And now watch this.

-Eroc Ramm

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