Saturday, July 7

Dinosaurs Had Feathers

A Dinosaur was archaeologist'd in Bavaria recently and it turned the Dinosaur World on its no more looking like giant lizards heads because this Dinosaur "proved" that Dinosaurs Had Feathers. The Dinosaur dinosaur'd 150 million years ago which is much earlier than archaeologists had every believed feathered dinosaurs had existed. Sam Neill has known that dinosaurs had feathers since 2001. Because The Dinosaur was around much earlier than any other known Feathered Dinosaur the Archaeologists concluded that all dinosaurs had feathers. The Dinosaur they found looked really stereotypical  it walked on two legs and had a tail and a standard dinosaur face and was covered in feathers. The Archaeologists found skin and feathers preserved along with the full skeleton. Dinosaurs Had Feathers.

Also, This Guy Looks Like Clint Eastwood, Right?

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